{ January 31st, 2013 }

Not-Okay Scene?

Not-okay scene?


This was taken at a hard rock music festival on the outskirts (haha) of Los Angeles. So much going on to comment on!

– Dude in a black goth gear, complete with a kilt

– Dude on the right with a “beware of lose strings” t-shirt

– Dude to the far right without a shirt on, exposing his belly & his drawers

– Child to the far left witnessing all of this

Vote “Think This is Not-Okay” if you think this public scene is the definition of not-okay

Vote “Think This is Okay” if you think this is how life should be, everyone doing what they want, expressing who they are in public, even in public view of children

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  1. chaoclive says...

    why do you people think you have to comment on everything…what’s wrong with the guy wearing a kilt/the guy in the tshirt?

    i don’t get it…

    mind your business.

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