{ December 16th, 2011 }

Not-Okay “Protocol” of the LA DWP

I have a huge piece of plastic dangling about 4 feet down from the power lines on the public street in front of the gate at the entrance to my property.

I called the LA Department of Water & Power to notify them of the issue.  The person I spoke with said she put in a service order for their team to come out.

When I asked if I could be notified of when they will be coming out, she said they don’t work like that.

When I asked when I should be expecting them, she answered that she didn’t know.  I asked for a ballpark number.  I said, “Does a request like this typically take 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months to fix?”  Again, she said she didn’t know.

So I wasted 10 minutes trying to make sure their equipment doesn’t harm anyone and I have no idea if, or when their problem, in front of my house, will be taken care of.  smh.

How do businesses continue to be in business when there isn’t any follow through or communication with their customers?

Vote “Think This is Not-Okay” if you think it’s not-okay that there is not a follow through protocol at the LADWP, nor was there any proactivity to work to accomodate the simple request of their customer, the request to be contacted with more details about how or when the problem will be resolved

Vote “Think This is Okay” if you think it’s fine for a company to not communicate effectively with their customers

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