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{ July 16th, 2011 }

not-okay for animals to be dying for human entertainment

The world’s preeminent marine mammal specialist, Ric O’Barry, is calling for the immediate release of 25 wild dolphins captured two years ago in the waters off the Solomon Islands and sent to live in captivity in the Philippines.

“These dolphins were taken from their families in the wild using barbaric drive fishing techniques, and have been kept in inadequate holding facilities ever since,” said O’Barry. “Two have already died, and the rest are doomed to a tragic, tormented existence.”

The bottlenose dolphins, known collectively as the ‘Sentosa 25,’ are destined for Resorts World Sentosa (RSW), an oceanarium currently under construction and scheduled to open in Sentosa, Singapore, later this year.

O’Barry, who shot to international fame in 2009 as the star of the Academy award-winning documentary The Cove, has been at the front lines of a major international campaign to pressure RWS to release the dolphins.

In a June 23 message posted on his website, SaveJapanDolphins, O’Barry urged activists to telephone individual high-ranking RWS shareholders.

Change.org petition asking for the immediate release of the dolphins has more than 92,000 signatures.

“Tens of thousand of people, who have taken action on Change.org to free the 25 dolphins being held captive for Resords World Sentosa, are part of the growing movement against tourism that capitalizes on the mistreatment and exploitation of these intelligent marine mammals,” says Stephanie Feldstein, Animals Editor for Change.org, which will make a big media push once the petition reaches 100,000 signatures. “By freeing these dolphins, Resorts World Sentosa has the opportunity to become a leader in compassionate tourism.”

Even the trafficker who sold the dolphins to RWS, Chris Porter, has reversed his position,saying “RWS is using the animals primarily to make money while telling the public that its aim is to educate the public on marine conservation.

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{ March 1st, 2011 }

Not-okay, in so many ways. Please do more than nothing about this. This is unjust, unfair and just plain wrong

Returning from Nashville where Carol Ann and Laura celebrated their anniversary, they found a pile of rubble where their dream home once stood.

Despite numerous police reports documenting a neighbor that had threatened to burn down their home and who repeatedly told them the “…only thing better than one dead queer was two dead queers…” no arrests have been made.

The Stutte home had no gas service and was all electric. Even with witness reports of two explosions and a fireball that could be seen above the treeline, that all waterhoses on the property had been cut and that “QUEER” had been painted on their garage the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, Tennesse Bureau of Investigation and FBI have yet to rule the fire as an arson.

What is even more disturbing is that the Stutte’s insurance company, American National Property and Casualty has yet to pay on the claim. Like many homeowners, Carol Ann and Laura had opted for additional coverage in case of total loss.  This additional coverage would provide for housing as well as living expenses until the claim was settled. Five months later and not a single penny has been disbursed.

Click the photo for the complete story, and the contact information for the insurance company.  Please sign the Change.org petition or send an email or fax to the insurance company and demand that they pay for the loss of this couple’s home.

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  1. LaCantante13 says...

    So very not-okay!!! Terrible. So sorry.

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