{ January 26th, 2015 }

Okay to Park in Handicap Space When You’re Clearly NOT?

Not-okay handicap parking

This *not very slick* chick was seen pulling into one of two handicap parking spaces at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks, CA.  She pulled into the space, hopped out of her car, in her athletic shoes and yoga pants no less, and went directly to the gym.  Of all the nerve.

I have an elderly mother-in-law living with us, who is handicapped and needs a close place to park.  My grandmother also has a bit of difficulty walking long distances and has a handicap plaquard she travels with when being driven around town.  I get very upset when I see this sort of thing; perfectly able bodied people parking in handicapped spaces.

If there is literally nowhere else to park, and you also happen to have gotten a handicap permit for your car somehow, ok, maybe then, but only maybe. When there is a parking garage full of empty spaces (as there was in this situation) but your ass doesn’t want to find one, but you do want to park in a convenient space to go to the gym to work out, this entire situation is so not-okay in my mind.



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