{ June 29th, 2011 }

Wee-wee think this is not-okay

This is not what is implied by the term, “Public Restroom.” Teaching a child to expose himself in public, no matter the reason, is not-okay. We have a fair amount of experience with children so we understand that they can have immediate bathroom needs. Find a gas station. Carry an emergency diaper in your purse, er, fanny pack. Run inside one of the 6,000 coffee shops in any given city. Anything but this! A bush or even a wall would be an ever-so-slight improvement over having a child expose himself to every person who happens to be passing by. When you have developed an understanding of that concept we can talk about the value of keeping a child further away from traffic in a busy intersection.

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  1. Is this in the United States? I know this kind of thing is common in China (this is an informed statement, not a racist one; they seriously do this kind of thing over there), but the FX ad thing makes it look like it’s the USA. D:

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